General Info

I am a State-examination Light Music graduate with the guitar as my main instrument, but I also have extensive experience in coaching mandolin- and piano students. The location of my practice is in The Hague, Bezuidenhout district (free parking!) and is conveniently accessible via the A44 – N44 (Rijksstraatweg), the A4 and the A12 from Wassenaar, Leidschendam, Nootdorp, Zoetermeer, Voorburg etc.

The lessons are given with utmost attention to individual musical development within the musical ability of the student.

A full course year runs from September 1st. to August 31, but intermediate registration during the current season is also possible. New students may want to start off with a trial-month. When the student decides to continue the lessons thereafter, a registration and a one-month’s notice is applicable. A full academic year includes about 40 lessons, as no lessons are given during the regular (primary) school holidays. An attempt is made to coincide my holidays with that of primary schools of the region Zuid Holland (“regio midden”) and my vacation schedule is published on my website in the month of September when the new course year commences.

Tuition fees are payable for eleven months annually, but the month of August is a (summer) holiday month and is not charged. Tuition fees are payable in advance, and can be made for a full course year, quarterly (3 months) or monthly per automated bank transfer.

My holiday schedule for 2017 - 2018 is:

Autumn holidays

Mon. Oct. 16th. 2017 to  Fri. Oct. 20th. 2017

Christmas holidays

Mon. Dec. 25th. 2017 to  Fri. Jan. 12th. 2018

Spring holidays

Mon. Feb. 26th. 2018 to Fri. Mar. 02nd. 2018

Easter holidays

Fri. Mar. 30th. 2018 to Mon. Apr. 02nd. 2018

May holidays

Mon. Apr. 30th. 2018 to Fri. May 04th. 2018

Ascencion Holiday

Thu. May 10th. 2018

Whitsun Holiday

Mon. May 21st. 2018

Summer holidays

Mon. Jul. 16th. 2018 to Fri. Aug. 24th. 2018


Monthly tuition fee students 21 years and older as from sept. 1st. 2018

€ 85,00

4 weekly lessons 30 min.

€ 117,00

4 weekly lessons 45 min.

€ 150,00

4 weekly lessons 60 min.


Monthly tuition fee (students up to 21 years) as from sept. 1st. 2018:

 € 75,00

  4 weekly lessons 30 min.

 € 105,00

  4 weekly lessons 45 min.

 € 140,00

  4 weekly lessons 60 min.