Music Theory

Regarding music theory I teach three main subjects: general music theory, harmony and solfege (ear training relative pitch)

General music theory
  • time signatures and rhythm
  • chord construction
  • determination of chord family’s in various keys in applicable music genres
  • music notation
  • scales and keys
  • harmonic and melodic intervals
  • construction of scale degrees and their progressions in guitar chords or four-part piano scores
  • harmonizing of melody lines
  • determination and contsruction of diatonic, chromatic or enharmonic modulations
  • analysis of the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure of a composition
  • determination of two-tone intervals, triads, four- and five-tone chords and chord progressions
  • notation of solo and two-part melodic dictations
  • notation of rhythmic dictations
  • reading & performance of rhythmic dictations
  • reading & performance of melodic dictations